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2014 Toyota Avalon

Wade Ozeroff

Wade hails from Alberta, where, unlike many  currently residing in the province, he is a lifelong resident.

An alumnus of Grant MacEwan (then a college, now a university), he studied graphic design and photography, and first became enamored with the lines and styling of the automobiles of the day.

Joining the Sun newspaper in Edmonton in 1990, Wade spent the beginnings of his career working in the photo department under legendary photo editor Gary Bartlett, who attempted to impart the skills of organization, patience and professionalism.

He began writing for some of the section editors at the publication in the early ’90s, doing travel spreads and software reviews before moving into automotive writing in 2001. In 2007, he won an Edward R. Dunlop award for feature writing.

Wade describes his views on automobiles as being more influenced by the Consumer Reports school of thought than the worship of big horsepower numbers and catchy sloganeering taught by the popular buff-books of his formative years.

Preferring reliability and build quality by a country mile over spurious performance claims or a macho-buddy advertising campaign, he grew up during the days when imports began to eat the lunch of domestic manufacturers simply by building cars that worked.

An avid traveler, both at home and abroad, he has visited most of the provinces of Canada. In the late ’90s he combined his love of sea kayaking with travel, for memorable excursions to the Queen Charlotte and Gulf islands.

A regular attendee of all the major European auto shows, Wade has made many trips to Germany, Holland, France, and Switzerland.




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