Jack Kazmierski

Jack Kazmierski

 While some people drag themselves out of bed every morning dreading the work day ahead, Jack Kazmierski can’t believe he gets paid to do what he loves most – driving, researching, reviewing and writing about cars and about the auto industry.


Jack’s love affair with the automobile started long before he was legally allowed to drive. Enthralled by the sculpted metal and sleek contours of all things on four wheels, while other kids took off for a sugar fix at the local candy shop, Jack would run to the local dealership and press his nose against the glass in order to get a closer look at the vehicles on display inside. He longed for the day he would actually drive them.


After getting his driver’s license, Jack worked up the courage to walk into local BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Jaguar dealerships in order to request a test drive. Although still a teenager and clearly unable to afford any of these high-end vehicles, he would dress up in a suit and tie in order to be taken more seriously. Somehow the salespeople just couldn’t say no, and Jack always managed to land a test drive at every dealership he visited.


As the years passed, Jack’s love affair with the automobile grew, and he longed for the day he would own a high-end sedan or sports car of his own. Half-joking, Jack would tell his friends and family that one day he would write a book entitled, “Exotic cars I love, but can’t afford.”


Little did he know that his passion would lead to a writing career. In the late 1990s he got his first break – writing for The Toronto Sun’s automotive supplement. And as more and more assignments came his way, Jack eventually gave up his day job to work full time as a freelance writer.



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