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Michael Bolton in his giant Holiday Greeting Card

No clue how this is supposed to sell Hondas, don't care, this is fun.

Michael Bolton and Honda Christmas

How does one celebrate great holiday car deals? If you're Honda, you ask classic Christmas carol crooner Michael Bolton to lend his voice.

Yes, that was a lot of C's to create cheesy alliteration (I can't stop), but come on, it's multiple Grammy Award-winner Michael!

The camera zooms into the songwriter's log cabin, to find him seated by the proverbial fireplace, the font is that curly-cue script twinkling in, and he opens with a big, "Hello Internet, it's me, Michael Bolton."  Say cheese, please. 

He asked viewers to use social media to post their holiday greetings to their loved ones, tagging them with the hashtag #XOXOBolton

Then last Friday, he climbed inside his giant holiday greeting card, combed through the messages, and made personalized messages for a ton of them. In fact, he banged out 42 of these! 

Watch them all here, and below are a few of my favourites:


For Di and Sharon, Michael pretends to let his twin brother take this one over, does a quick costume change, then belts out how being a twin is awesome because you get twice the presents.

No clue how this is supposed to sell Hondas, and don't care; this is fun.

Now he's giving a viewer a headshot.

"We looove you, Raphaelle, we'll see you in the front row sooooon" AND POINT. Fade to black.

Oh wow, how is he doing this with a straight face? I bet Michael Bolton is so fun at a party.

All right last one, this YouTube channel is a time suck.

He's not even singing anymore, now he's just giving headshots, with instructions to post it above the viewer's fireplace.

All right I couldn't stop, they're like 15 seconds each.

Last one for real, and this one sums it all up, how Michael is in on the joke.

After he sings, "I'm a touchy-feely guy on a holiday card," watch for his smirk.

Cute campaign, Honda.



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